Phoenix Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting

Phoenix Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting

It may not always feel like it, but technology is meant to make our lives easier. It won’t feel that way when its 120 degrees in Phoenix, you’ve got a trunk full of groceries, and your garage door opener won’t work. This garage door opener troubleshooting guide will help you get things back On Track in Phoenix.

While garage door openers are getting more convenient and are able to do more, there is also more that can go wrong. Take a look at the list below and try the quick fix. With some luck you’ll be able to troubleshoot the issues simply and get back to business.

Garage Door Opener Battery Replacement Phoenix

Have To Be Close For The Garage Door Opener To Work

There are a couple things that could be going on with a garage door opener that only works when you’re close enough to smell your garage door. Firstly you might need to replace the batteries. While replacing the batteries take a second to clean the contact points that the battery touches. Build up on these contact points, or corrosion can cause poor performance in any electrical device. If you’ve worked on the battery situation and still have to be super close to get your garage door opener to work it’s time to get neighborly. With limited bandwidth for garage door openers to operate in Phoenix, there’s a chance that a stuck button on your neighbor’s garage door opener causes you to have to be super close to get yours to work.

Brand New Batteries And Garage Door Opener Still Doesn’t Work

You’ve cleaned the contacts, you’ve shoved new batteries in your garage door opener and it still doesn’t work. The first thing to check is that the garage door opener is still set to the correct frequency. If you’ve checked to make sure that both the remote and garage door opener are speaking the same “language”, then there is a good chance that it is the opener, and not the remote. First off you’re going to want to check your breaker box and ensure that you haven’t blown a breaker that your garage door opener works off of. Secondly you want to make sure that the garage door opener is in fact plugged in, and your kids haven’t “borrowed” an outlet and left it unplugged. If it wasn’t the power or the breaker box you might have an internal garage door opener issue and you’ll want to contact your local garage door service company in Phoenix.

Garage Door Opener Wall Switch Works, But Not The Remote

Like most of the issues the first place to look is the batteries in your garage door opener remote. If the connections are clean and you’ve got fresh batteries in your garage door opener there’s a chance that your safety sensors are the problem. Some garage door systems utilize a infrared beam that’s broadcast across the door. If one of these sensors are dirty, blocked or misaligned it can stop your system from working. If you’ve checked to make sure that the route of travel for your garage door is clear you can long hold your wall switch and it will open and close the door. Ensure that the sensors are straight and aligned correctly, are clean, and there aren’t any items blocking their path to clearly communicate with each other. Lastly you can unplug the system and it will reboot. Many times this will reset the infrared sensors and clear your problem.

The Garage Door Opener Remote Only Works In Hot or Cold Weather

This is another sign that your infrared sensors are becoming misaligned. The metal that your garage door is made of can expand and contract with the extreme temperatures here in Phoenix. If you can operate your garage door via the wall switch it might be time to realign your sensors. Many owners aren’t confident to work with these sensors, if you’re unsure of how to make sure this safety feature is set up correctly call your local garage door experts.

Garage Door Opener Repair Phoenix

If you’ve tried these garage door opener troubleshooting tips and its still not working you need to have the experts come and get you back On Track.

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Types Of Rolling Steel Doors

Types Of Rolling Steel Doors

Rolling Steel Door Phoenix AZRolling Service Doors – These service doors are engineered and fabricated with maximum durability and strength in mind.  They are produced to the highest standards and comply to the most stringent codes.  This ensures that they deliver long lasting durability and worry free performance. With color options, slat options and gauges On Track Garage Door has you covered for all your Mesa rolling service door needs.

DuraShutter_108Counter Shutters – If you’re looking for flexibility, curb appeal, and the best security option for your counter these coiling counter doors are the way to go.  They have a clean and seamless appearance.  Business owners love the practicality and durability of these doors, while workers enjoy trouble free operation.

Rolling Fire Doors Phoenix AZRolling Fire Doors – Most popular with areas that require drop test compliance rolling fire doors deliver repeatable, reliable and predictable results. These rolling fire doors are inexpensive, safe, simple, and give repeatable drop testing simply with the flip of a switch for your facility. Rolling fire doors are also available in a variety of colors, gauges and slat profiles.  With rolling fire doors you also have options for their emergency trigger operation.  These options can be; smoke detectors, delayed releases, that include visual and audible warning systems.

Fire Counter Shutters – If your facility has a rated fire wall you’ll have to use rolling fire doors, and fire counter shutters to meet code.  Fire counter shutters are engineered for installation with approved steel, masonry and sheet rock.  These also feature the same drop testing system that helps provide fire test compliance.  These doors also feature space saving designs with durable performance.

Coiling Grilles Phoenix AZCoiling Grilles – Security isn’t an option, especially at night, but you do have an attractive option that allows you to keep your business safe while also allowing potential customers to take a look in your shop.  There’s no better way to maintain a contemporary look while also preventing theft and vandalism.  You can get your pattern of coiled security grills in either straight or brick.

Side Folding Grilles And Closures – If your business has a large open storefront that needs to be secured each evening these side folding grilles and closures offer you a simple, easy to install option that will keep your business safe.  They are a track mounted option that has its own storage pocket and pocket door.  The whole assembly is only 6 inches wide and will flush fit to a 6’ stud.  This allows easy installation of a side folding grille into a wall.

Phoenix Rolling Steel Door Experts

A new set of security gates from On Track Garage Door Service keeps your business safe while your away.  Whether you’ve been in business for years or you’re building a new location we have you covered.  Give us a call to get started on your Phoenix rolling steel door installation, repair, or replacement.

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Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Top Preventive Maintenance Habits for Garage Door Owners Phoenix AZ

No matter what season it is, what time of day it is, your garage door has to open every single time you need it to.  We come and go many times a day and rarely have the time to find a way to fix a malfunctioning garage door.  Preventive garage door maintenance is the way to avoid having the inconvenience of a broken or malfunctioning garage door is to take care of it before it needs repair.  Here’s a list of ways you can keep it running for years with trouble free operation.

Keeping the Tracks Clear

Ensure that the tracks on both sides of the garage door are free from objects or debris.  As an owner you can easily check the plump with a level to see how it’s weathering use, but if you see that it needs adjustment it’s time to call the professionals who have the tools, experience and knowledge to do this work safely.

Test the Safety Features

Most modern garage doors have a safety feature that prevents it from harming someone or something they happen to be in the garage doors path.  There are a couple main ways that it can see if there is something in its way, a photocell and mechanical method.  For the mechanical system you can just find a brick or a 2×4 for it to come down on close on, as soon as it touches the object it should reverse direction and come back up.  For the photocell as your garage door is closing just wave your leg or an object under it and it should automatically stop and reverse direction.

Keep Moving Parts Lubricated

If you want your garage door to last for many years just keep it well lubricated.  It takes less time than reading the paper and is very simple.  You can find white lithium grease and use it on the screw or chain.  Then most garage door specialists will have some spray lubricant you can use to spray directly on the overhead springs.

Cable Checking

These high-tension cables are something only a trained professional should be working on.  They are extremely dangerous and can maim and kill if not handled properly.  You can’t work on them, but you can inspect them to see if you should have a professional come and do the work for you.  Visually check them out looking for broken strands, especially down near the bottom roller bracket.

Roller Inspection and Replacement

The rollers need to be looked at about every six months, regardless of their material.  They should also be replaced any time they look worn or at least every 7 years or so.  If you notice wear, chips or cracks they need to be replaced.  You can do this or a professional will be happy to come out and do a minor service on your garage.  If you want to do it simply removing any roller brackets that are not attached directly to the cable system, and then reattaching after the roller replacement.

Garage Door Balance Testing

Even though you might not be able to see it with the naked eye an imbalanced garage door can cost you money.   Being out of balance puts more strain on all the parts and will wear them out sooner.  You can test the balance of the garage door.  Simply start with your garage door in the closed position and pull the release handle (typically a red cord).  Then manually raise the garage door about halfway.  It should stay right where you leave it, if it doesn’t your counterweight springs are out of balance and you need to call a professional as these are extremely dangerous to work on.

Tighten Loose Bolts and Other Hardware

Given that most garage doors open over a thousand times a year in all sorts of weather conditions they are subjected to a lot of vibration.  Vibration loosens bolts and screws.  Take a look at all the hinges, brackets, bolts and screws to ensure they are tight.  You can even tighten these down with a socket wrench.

Be Aware

As you sit waiting for it to open before leaving in the morning its typically quiet and a great time to just be listening and watching how it functions.  If it seems to run roughly or jerks at certain spots it’s a sign that something isn’t quite right and needs some attention.  If you hear grinding or scraping noises it’s time to take a look at the tracks, rollers, and the general condition of the door.  It can be difficult to track down the issue and a professional can come out and help you with an inspection.

Garage Door Care

Even if the all the mechanical systems are working perfectly it can still need some surface attention.  Comprising about a third of the front façade of your home checking for rust spots on your steel doors will keep your house looking great.  Wood doors need to be examined for signs of water damage like warping and will need any stain or paint checked out for peeling or chipping.

If you take care of your garage door, it will take care of you.  A little time spent on a cool weekend morning will save you frustration some afternoon when the sun is out, it’s hot, and you just want to get in your garage.

If you’ve got a worry or a doubt that about your garage door and think something might be wrong, call the experts and On Track Garage Door Service.

Saving Money with Insulated Garage Doors

Saving Money with Insulated Garage Doors Phoenix

You might be asking, why should I insulate my garage door?  Well you’ve insulated your walls, you’ve insulated the attic and now you’re summer secure.  Or are you?  One of the largest panels in your home is your garage door.  Insulating your garage door can save you money.  We all know with the hot summers here in the greater Phoenix area.  We pay dearly to keep the house cool and pleasant every month with our electricity bill.  Many garage door companies sell garage doors with insulation.  If you’re house doesn’t already have an insulated garage door you can have professionals come and install it, or it can be a weekend do-it-yourself project.  In addition to cutting down on your energy bills an insulted garage door blocks out noise from outside, or keeps the noise in if you have a hobby that tends to get loud like a garage band or woodworking.

Your local Phoenix garage door sales and installation company typically sells garage doors with insulation because as the experts they know that the financial benefits of insulated garage doors is significant.

New Option for Insulated Garage Doors

New Insulated Garage Door Costs – Generally speaking manufacturers and installers that offer insulated garage door options are of a higher quality and have your long-term savings in mind.  The cost of purchasing an insulated garage door over your cheaper un-insulated garage door can be as little as $100 dollars.  Premium styles and quality will cost a little more, but when you are investing money into your property you will sleep well knowing that a garage door upgrade is one of the sure fire home improvements  that pay off if you decide to put your house on the market.

New Insulated Garage Door R-Values – Between manufactures, styles, materials and other variables you’ll find that new garage door insulation R-values can vary greatly.  Some manufactures claim between R-values of 15-17.  These numbers end up being an average of the overall door and can be misleading because the actual insulating performance of the door can be reliant on how well your garage door, and garage, is sealed in general.  In fact how much air is getting out, or in, is more important that the R-values.

Kits for the Un-insulated Garage Door

Foam, Fiberglass, Polystyrene and Polyurethane are different materials you will run into when you are shopping for kits to do-it-yourself.  You can take the selection and installation process on yourself or you can hire a professional to come out and help you find the most cost effective solution that will give you the heating/cooling edge, plus a quieter garage if you spend time working on cars or other projects.

When buying one of these kits there are usually instructions that come with the kit and you’ll just follow the manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to the type of fastening system.  Many utilize various kinds of adhesives, fasteners, clips and tapes.  The difficulty really just depends on the  type of system and your aptitude with working with your hands.

Reviews of Garage Door Insulation

Insulated garage doors and DYI garage door kits are not currently being rated by Energy Star or similar rating companies so your most reliable source of information are reviews for products people have already bought or installed at their house.

New Insulated Garage Doors

JP – Scottsdale, AZ
For a plain type of door it was the best type of door I could have bought.  It was insulated well and the exterior finish was excellent.  If you spend time in your garage being comfortable in the hot summer or the freezing winters insulation ends up as a must!  For me it seemed too dangerous to install on my own and hired a professional to do it.  The door paid for itself in energy savings for me.

Michelle – Mesa, AZ
Very well insulated great looking doors that are very well insulated.
Functional, high quality, easy to have installed, beautiful appearance and well made.

Dennis R. – Gilbert, AZ
Our door was delivered and installed ahead of schedule which was great because after our little accident with our old door I just sleep better at night knowing that the house is 100% secure.  It took the guys installing the door about 2 hours to get the job done.  The new door is a lot lighter than the old door and the insulation has made a huge difference already.

Garage Door Insulation Kits

Joe – Phoenix, AZ
The kit was easy to install, used a 3M double sided tape just to make sure that the insulation didn’t droop in harder to fasten area.  It made the garage door a little heavier but we are already feeling the difference in the temperature inside the garage.

Sue B. – Tempe, AZ
The insulation kit was easy enough to install and it’s staying in place.  I can already feel the difference in the coolness of my garage.  It was simple to install and I didn’t have to cut or trim the sections.  It’s not the most beautiful thing, but it is certainly doing it’s job.

John – Phoenix, AZ
Wish I had bought this sooner. It was easy to install with the pre-cut sections that fit my door.  The whole process too me less than an hour.  It cost me a bit but it’s already paying off with the AC going out in my garage as I use it as my man cave.

Cost Savings of Insulated Garage Doors

The savings you could rear really depend on a few factors.  If you just park your vehicle out in the garage and don’t spend much time out there, having a heat barrier will help your garage stay cooler and less radiant heat in your garage will mean less reaching the walls and door that lead into your house.

In contrast if you have a garage man cave or you like to do woodworking, building projects or automotive maintenance the savings you reap will be much higher as you either cool or heat that space.  The exact amount will depend on the house itself, the size of the garage door, how well that garage door is sealed and how much you use that space.  So it’s impossible to put a average savings as everyone is going to use the space differently.

How to Choose a Style of Garage Door

How to Choose a Style of Garage Door Phoenix AZ

It seems like every time you flip on a home improvement show they are off in the kitchen or bathroom again investing enormous amounts of money in places that only their family and friends will see.  People even spend extra money on attractive and energy efficient windows.  One of the big places that everyone sees from the road is the garage door.  It’s a real source for first impressions and an easy way to improve curb appeal.  Listed here are tips on how to choose the right style of door for your home and your needs.

Different climate demands, different materials

All too often we regard these doors as simply a just form of shelter and security for our vehicles and our property. As it does its job for us we need to be aware of the different demands that our climates place on these vital elements of our home security.  We all have experienced that terrible feeling when there’s a breach in our home’s security, an unsettling feeling for sure.  While materials might vary many of the styles are actually available across different mediums.  Some of those popular styles are raised panel, recessed panel, flush panel, Carriage House overlay and Carriage House stamped.

Fiberglass Garage Doors

How to Choose a Garage Door Phoenix AZ

Given the extreme heat we experience in Phoenix one of the best options for garage doors is going to be fiberglass.  While wood doors are definitely an attractive option fiberglass out performs them when it comes to splitting, cracking and degradation.

Wood Garage Doors

How to Choose a Style of Garage DoorAnother very aesthetically pleasing and desirable option are wood garage doors.  Whether it comes to what we put on the outside of our house or when we are choosing furniture to reside in our homes the allure of wood is hard to deny.  The warmth and authenticity of the grain and color makes any home more attractive.  It might be a little more costly, but its metal and fiberglass counterparts have a hard time matching the charm and beauty of wood.  Cedar, Mahogany and Oak have natural attributes that make them go to choices for their beauty.

Metal Garage Doors

How to Choose a Garage Door Phoenix AZFor homes that might not want to install a higher powered garage door motor metal garage doors offer a great solution.  Another great application is for older homes, the longevity of the metal doors allow for painting and restyling.  When it comes to areas that are prone to high winds metal garage doors offer great resistance to being damaged and better performance defending against burglary.

Selecting a style that compliments the architecture of your home

Once you have selected a material you have the opportunity to choose which aesthetic design you think will look best on your home.  In the old days there was very little variation for how garage doors were configured and functioned.  Nowadays you have options that include things like windows, lights, and can even be made to match the architectural details of your home. The styles range as far as your imagination but many popular styles can be individual doors, double sided doors and even more contemporary options.

Let the  local experts at On Track Garage Door Service help you with the selection or upgrade of your garage door.

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It’s Garage Door Safety Month, Here Are Some Safety Tips

With Garage Door Safety month kicking off in just a few days, it seems like now is the perfect time to offer up some tips on making your garage a safer place. Automatic garage door systems have added a large degree of convenience and functionality to our lives and homes, but they do carry inherent risks that could leave you or a family member in a precarious position.  Avoid any unnecessary risk or injury by applying the following tips to your garage and garage door.

  1. Keep your automatic garage door remote control out of reach of children. Placing the opener switch that is mounted in your garage in a position that can’t be reached by kids is also important.
  2. Don’t let children play with your remote to your automatic garage door opener.
  3. Learn about your automatic garage door opener by reading the manual and further your knowledge about the safety features and fail safes built into your system.
  4. Check on the components of your garage door system monthly. Keep tabs on the condition of your entire system to ensure proper functionality.
  5. Check on your safety sensors and make sure they work properly by placing and object in the path of the closing door. If the door reverses course and moves back to the open position your sensors are in good working order. If the sensors can’t ‘see’ each other your garage door should not be able to close.
  6. Explain the dangers of getting your hands and fingers caught in the apparatus of your automatic garage opener system. Getting a finger or hand stuck can lead to serious injury and damage that is potentially permanent.
  7. Make sure your garage door is all the way closed before leaving. This will allow kids or pets to have a path out of your house as well as giving animals and intruders an easy path into your home.
  8. If you leave on vacation, unplug your garage door system to save power and ensure that nobody can access your home through your garage.
  9. Make sure you have customized access codes. Never keep the manufacturers code as your active code.
  10. NEVER leave your remote in your car or with a valet attendant. Using your smart phone as a remote is a good solution to this.

Hopefully this has been an enlightening entry on garage door safety that sees you go into this upcoming garage door safety month and beyond with increased awareness and safety levels when it comes to your automatic  garage door system. Be safe and we wish you and your family a wonderful Garage Door Safety Month from our team here at On Track Garage Door Services!

Automatic Garage Door Components

Garage doors are an integral part of most homes and the garage door is the biggest point of access that most home have. Automatic garage doors are a convenient evolution that have been widely adopted across the country for decades and come standard on most new homes. This entry is going to go over the components of automatic garage door systems in order to arm you with the knowledge needed to truly understand you automatic garage door system. Knowledge is power and this knowledge can give you the power to keep more money in your bank account as you will be able to approach maintenance from a place of understanding instead of wondering.

The tracks are located on both sides of the door and guide the door as it opens and closes. There are vertical and horizontal tracks present that your door travels along when activated.  The tracks are attached to the wall and ceiling. The tracks have springs attached to them with the extension springs are located on the outside of the vertical track and the torsion springs are above the garage door. The size of the actual springs will be dictated by the size of the garage door. The torsion spring is pulled to a tight state when the door is closed and that tension is used to help the motor open the door.

Sensors are located near the ground on each side of the garage door opening. They use lasers that are sent between the two sensors and when a clear connection is present where the sensors can ‘see each other’ the door will operate properly. If the sensors cannot see each other the garage door will not close as the sensors are picking up an obstruction that would interfere with the garage door closing correctly. This is both to ensure that your garage door is not damaged by closing on an object as well as a safety measure in case a person or pet is in the path of the closing door.


Keeping Your Automatic Garage Door in Top Shape

An automatic garage door is a very common luxury that is found on most homes in the United States. While they are fairly simple in concept they possess just enough complexity to necessitate regular care and maintenance in order to keep them working efficiently and quietly.  Before we go into various ways you can keep your garage door in top shape it should be pointed out that you should never attempt to fix your garage door unless you are a professional. A trained, licensed and insured technician will not only provide the skill and expertise needed, but you will be covered in the event that anything should go wrong. That said, let’s briefly outline ways you can keep your automatic garage door system healthy.

  1. Make sure your system’s components are lubricated: A coating of lithium spray or silicon spray will go a long way in keeping your automatic garage door system operating quietly. Proper lubrication also will significantly reduce wear and tear due to friction. WD-40 is not recommended because it is not a long lasting solution.
  2. Keeping your tracks clean: Keeping the tracks of that guide your garage door clean is important because dust can easily collect on them and that can create a residue that can erode your springs, rollers and bearings.
  3. Check/Replace weather seals: The weather seals on the bottom and sides of your automatic garage door can wear down over time and when they do they allow more and more air from outside to make it into your home.  Weather seals typically last in the 5-10 year range, so odds are you will not need to replace them, but checking them is always a sound idea.

These three ways are only part 1 in our series of simple ways you can keep your automatic garage door system in top shape.


Tips to For Garage Safety

Your garage is one of the most vital components to your home. It can store important belongings, house vehicles, act as a workshop or a common area. Regardless of the way your purpose your garage it holds inherent safety risks that every home owner should be aware of. On top of knowing and understanding the risks associated with garages and automatic garage door systems can go a long way toward successfully avoiding any unnecessary risks or injuries that could lead to health issues or potential lawsuits. Not only can your garage pose the risk of physical accidents, it is also the most vulnerable area of your home when it comes to break-ins and burglary. The nature of garage doors leaves them open to being breached if they are properly secured. Even automatic garage door openers can be easily hacked with any kind of frequency transmitter is the automatic garage door opener system is old enough. Taking the time to understand the weak points of your garage is the only way to strengthen them in order to increase the efficiency of your garage in both performance and security. Protect your family, guests as well as your belongings with some of the tips listed below.

  1. Use a smaller remote garage door opener that you can fasten to your keys instead of you car visor. Keeping the remote on you lowers the probability of someone getting ahold of by breaking into your car.
  2. Inform your kids about garage door safety. Make sure they understand how it works and where the possible dangers are. Knowledge is truly power.
  3. Make sure you always keep your garage door closed if you don’t need it to be open. Don’t give would be thieves a peek at your merchandise or an easy entry point. Keep your possessions safe and out of view, close your garage door.
  4. Keep your garage door well-kept and maintained. Making sure your garage door is always functioning properly is the best way to make sure it is operating safely. Your garage is the biggest moving part of your home, make sure it and its components are always in good condition. Performing routine checks of your garage door system is an absolute must on both the safety and maintenance fronts. Not only will keeping tabs on your system make it more safe to operate, it will also position you to save major money over the lifetime of your automatic garage door opener system.
  5. Make sure your windows are covered for the same reasons we listed above for keeping your garage door closed at all times. Giving would be intruders a way to peek inside your garage and take inventory of its contents and entry points is raising your chances for an intrusion/robbery. Keep your windows covered with attractive curtains or blinds so you can enjoy the open windows when you are working in your garage, but leave your windows covered and concealed when you are not.

More tips coming next week!!

Ways That You Can Have a Greener Garage

Going green is becoming more and more common and necessary in our society and the trend is finding its way into almost every nook and cranny of our cities and towns.  One place that you can easily start going green is you garage. Garages serve as storage spaces for many substances and objects such as vehicles that emit hazardous fumes that can make it into your home if your garage is attached to the main body of the house.  Below will be listed a few ways you can make your garage greener.

  1. Don’t turn your garage into a miniature hazmat storage unit

As mentioned above, there are many materials that give off toxic fumes that can be harmful to your family and pets.  Chemicals and cars can send these fumes into your home and effect the air quality level in your house for the worse.

  1. Have a Ventilation Fan Installed

If you do need to store toxic materials in your garage, having a ventilation fan installed can do a lot to offset the production of hazardous fumes by circulating them out of your garage and away from your home and family.

  1. Change Your Lighting Fixtures and Bulbs to Greener Models

Installing LED light fixtures and bulbs will conserve a lot of energy and save you money on your power bill. Task lighting is another option that suits those who like to use their garage as their workshop space.

  1. Install an Insulated Garage Door

Most garage doors are very thin and allow air to leak in and out of your garage. The air leaks cause the temperature in your home to fluctuate more quickly and will cause your heating or air conditioning units to activate more frequently.

On Track Garage Door Services in Phoenix, AZ can get you set up with a greener garage asap. We are the Valley leaders in all things garage door. Call us at 480-641-2301.